Wildekrans Wines produces three product ranges. The Caresse Marine, which is the entry level, sociable wine, the Estate range and the Barrel Select, the premium ranges, aged in barrels.

Caresse Marine

The name Caresse Marine refers to the cool summer breeze that sweeps off the Atlantic Ocean, the breeding place for the world famous Southern Right Whales. This very breeze plays a vital role in the viticulture of our grapes acting as a natural air-conditioning system in the late afternoon and evening, cooling the vines from the very hot and sunny summer days.

This range is an excellent choice to enjoy with food, braais, a night out (or in) and very loud guests! Easy drinking and great value for money this range is produced with the premise that wine should be enjoyed with friends and family, that wine should be enjoyed by everyone!

The Estate Range

The Estate Range of wines was the first offering of Wildekrans’ repertoire when the farm began producing wines in the early 90’s. In keeping with our philosophy of minimal intervention, this range of wine is a fantastic example of excellent quality wine yielded from intensely and bold flavoured grapes. The Estate Range is a true reflection of the values and integrity of the farm’s dedication to the wine making process.

Almost a century in existence – with age comes esteemed qualities – this is a premium wine, competitively priced, and strives to offer the ultimate wine drinking experience. This range is aged in older barrels known as 2nd, 3rd or 4th fill barrels, for 12-15 month periods. Although this wine is ready to drink on the day of purchase, both the red and white varietals will improve further with aging.

Barrel Select

The flag ship wine for the Wildekrans Wine Estate, the Barrel Select range is produced from selective harvesting. These grapes are treated with special care and produces juice of high flavour and intensity. They also produce low yielding crops as fewer grapes are grown. This wine is richer in flavour and also has an increased alcohol production. These elements need to be balanced in new barrels and the wine is aged in oak barrels for up to 24 months producing a smooth and elegant, rich and flavourful wine.

Wildekrans Méthode Cap Classique

Made in the same fashion as Méthode Champenoise our bottles are also carefully riddled by hand and aged for 24 months on the less. The Chenin Blanc inspires flavours like Lemon meringue as well as creamy biscuit and has a dry fruity finish. The Brut Rose on the other hand is a delightful assortment of strawberries, raspberries and cherries on the palate with a fine balance between acidity and sweetness.

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